For educators who need a fast and easy-to-implement teaching solution, who desire to increase student engagement, or who wish to customize their instruction or extend learning with advanced lessons, the Biopac Student Lab (BSL) is the recognized leader in life science teaching systems and is in use in the top universities around the world.

The Biopac Student Lab system is an integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware,

software and curriculum materials that students use in

undergraduate laboratories to record data from their

own bodies, animals or tissue preparations.

The system includes over sixty-five complete lessons

that educators use as part of undergraduate

lab courses.

  • Ready-to-run, ready-to-teach right out of the box

  • Fully engages students before, during, and after

       the lab

  • Customizable, scalable, and flexible for advanced

       and upper-level coursework


The BSL System features world-class hardware. BSL provides educators with the most sophisticated hardware in the industry, with a research-grade 2- or 4-channel data acquisition platforms with built-in universal amplifiers to record and condition electrical signals from the heart, muscle, nerve, brain, eye, respiratory system, and tissue preparations. The data acquisition system receives the signals from electrodes and transducers and connects to a PC running BSL software on Windows® or macOS®  operating systems.