Eins-Sci amalgamates engineering with industrial design offering the ultimate ergonomic centrifuges for various fields such as student, veterinary, chemistry, biology, medical or general research and development. With user friendly and efficient designs, Eins-Sci produces durable and reliable centrifuges for a variety of applications including clinical, high speed, micro, haematocrit (HCT) and cooling / refrigeration.

It is essential to consider your applications specific requirements in order to determine the appropriate centrifuge with the correct technical specifications. You should consider the appropriate speed (rpm), g-force or relative centrifugal force (RCF) and your quantity and volume of the tubes that require spinning. Since separations are an integral part of laboratory work, Eins-Sci strives to provide the ultimate centrifuges for your particular processing needs. Different rotors, either fixed or swing-out, allow for spinning of different labware including microtubes / Eppendorf tubes, centrifuges tubes, PCR strips, vacutainers / EDTA tubes, glass HCT capillary tubes or microplates.

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