ExiPrep™ Plus Bacteria Genomic DNA Kit is a product that can extract high-purity genomic DNA with high yield from Gram (-) bacteria, Gram (+) bacteria samples using automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, ExiPrep™16 Plus and ExiProgen™. Using a pre-filled buffer cartridge with reagents required for nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acids can be easily extracted from up to 16 samples simultaneously.

MagListo™ 5M Genomic DNA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction of genomic DNA using Magnetic Nanobeads and MagListo™ Magnetic from various samples such as blood, animal tissues and cultured cells. The isolated genomic DNA may be used for a wide range of experiments such as gene cloning, PCR, quantitative real time PCR, southern blotting, and etc.

Magnetic bead type

AccuPrep® Genomic DNA Extraction Kit allows rapid extraction of genomic DNA from blood, animal tissues, and cultured cells. The isolated genomic DNA can be used for various experiments such as gene cloning, PCR, quantitative real time PCR, southern blotting, and etc.

Spin column type

AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit is a product that can be extracted high purity genomic DNA removing various PCR inhibitors from fresh or frozen stools of various animals including humans

Spin column type

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