ExiPrep™ 16 Plus extracts nucleic acids and purifies protein automatically up to 16 samples. Through optimized experimental protocols, it not only allows to get reproducible results, but also wide compatibility with various types of nucleic acids and protein samples. Furthermore, this instrument has excellent space utilization thanks to its small size. 

ExiPrep™ 48 is a instrument that automatically extracts nucleic acids from at least 8 to 48 samples and evenly dispenses them while preventing cross-contamination of aerosols. It is best optimized for screening of high-sensitivity virus.

xiPrep™96 Lite is a instrument that automatically extracts nucleic acids using magnetic rods from up to 96 samples. Nucleic acid extraction is possible within less than 30 minutes in a small place (width 40 x height 58 cm).

Biovac™ 96 Vacuum Manifold is a instrument that can extract 96 samples of DNA / RNA / genomic DNA in a short time. It can be used not only with products from Bioneer, such as 96-well plasmid extraction kit, PCR purification kit and genomic DNA extraction kit, but also with 96-well extraction kits from other companies.

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