OptiTrack for Movement Sciences

OptiTrack systems offer the world’s leading blend of measurement accuracy and simple, easy-to-use workflows which provide researchers and biomechanists with ideal 3D tracking data for their studies.

Native, plug-and-play support for all major digital force plates, EMGs, and analog devices gives researchers the tools they need most for display and analysis in Visual3D, The MotionMonitor, MATLAB, and other third party biomechanics packages.

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With clinically validated markersets for lower-body, full-body and multi-segment foot models directly available in Motive through its one-click subject calibration, Gait laboratories can easily integrate OptiTrack systems for seamless workflow without any compromises.

An Exoskeleton for Perturbing the Knee During Gait


Higher density markersets, even in large volumes.

OptiTrack’s world leading range to marker, which is typically 2× of other optical motion capture systems, means that higher density marker sets can be measured alongside traditional full-body tracking. In fact, OptiTrack delivered the world’s largest, high marker density measurement system where over 100 markers—3 mm in size—are tracked in less than a cubic foot over a tracking area of 1000 sq ft.


Outdoor capture, out of the box.

Featuring ultra-powerful strobes and custom-engineered band-pass filters, Prime Series cameras track reflective markers outside—in full sunlight—with no need for special add-ons or hardware modifications.

Maximize tracking areas.

Our specially-designed wide FOV, low distortion lenses provide for tracking areas as big as the setup area. There are no design compromises that are common with other systems, where the range falls off as the marker moves away from sensor center.

OptiTrack delivers true edge-to-edge coverage that is ideal for tracking every inch of compact areas like gait labs.


Prime Color

With a software operated filter switcher to enable calibration alongside other OptiTrack cameras, the Prime Color FS has the ability to overlay precision 3D motion capture data on the video image for data verification and CG reference for human movement studies.

Sync Multiple Cameras

Capture every angle of your subject in motion for complete analysis and artistic expression. Motive allows automatic syncing of up to 8 Prime Color cameras to enable multiple views and creative compositions.


Force Plate Support

OptiTrack offers native plug-and-play support for all leading force plate manufacturers. When used with OptiTrack cameras and an eSync 2, Motive’s plug-and-play force plate support integrates all force plates and precisely synchronizes them with the kinematic data, as well as offering real-time streaming, capture, and export of all ground reaction force components. Using OptiTrack’s CS-400 calibration square users can now position force plates into the tracking volume through the one-click positioning feature. Best of all, this means no need to enter the calibration matrices or multiple analog cables.


DAQ support for EMGs and other analog devices.

Motive’s native support for National Instruments USB DAQ devices enables motion capture data and analog data to be synchronized within +/-5 µs per camera exposure, with support for input frequencies up to 50 kHz via the eSync 2. This allows for acquisition from any general analog device, including triggers, EMGs, force places, accelerometers, and force transducers.


Validated Biomechanics Markersets

Motive supports numerous biomechanics marker sets, with a focus on scientific and anatomically-valid options. Whether your analysis takes place in Visual3D, The MotionMonitor, MATLAB, or another third-party tool, these markersets provide robust marker tracking with real-time labeling.

Prefer a more detailed markerset for multi-segment studies? Motive’s standard markersets can be augmented with additional markers for capturing more verbose datasets.


Extensive native support for Visual3D & The MotionMonitor.

Motive focuses on what OptiTrack does best—providing a simple path to capturing the highest quality 3D data in the industry. For the most advanced biomechanics analysis and reporting on the market, we recommend Visual3D or The MotionMonitor—now with enhanced support from Motive.


The industry's most open optical tracking architecture.

Our free developer tools provide access to camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, skeletal data, and nearly everything in between. This means that OptiTrack can fit into a range of existing workflows, without modifying your existing tools. Visit our Developer Hub to find the right SDK for your application.


Easy to Use

The day-to-day use of OptiTrack systems reduces or eliminates redundant efforts to which lab engineers and operators are often accustomed. No more daily wand wave, and no more placement of the L-frame at force plate corners. In fact, individual force plate location was more accurately defined on installation using actual measurement rather than dimensional offsets.

Each camera can be used as reference video, synchronised and calibrated for overlay. This is a software selection, allowing users to change the reference view with each trial if desired.


Setup is Easy

An OptiTrack pipeline is straightforward, offering several unique features that combine to reduce system setup time by up to 75%. Aim Assist, auto-masking, versatile hardware and the industry's longest range cameras make even large systems easy to setup with just one person.


Discrete IR Illumination

In addition to offering invisible illumination that is far gentler on subjects than visible red strobes, the Primex Series’ infrared LEDs offer faster discharge for quick exposures—perfect for capturing very fast motions.