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OptiTrack for Animation

Our Prime Series of cameras and Motive software have combined to produce the largest capture volumes in the world, the most precise 3D data, and highest camera counts ever achieved. OptiTrack delivers the best-performing platform in motion capture, with easy to use production workflows and the depth you need to run the world’s largest stages.

Unmatched 3D precision

Our 3D precision is the best in the business, outperforming even the highest-resolution competition—which is why Activision selected OptiTrack to build the largest and most accurate performance capture stage in existence. Most of the engineering that went into the most capable system on earth now also resides in the rest of the systems we deliver.

Easy to use, production ready workflows

We think that motion capture shouldn't have to be complicated in order to deliver exceptional data. From our on-camera Aim Assist technology, to one-click subject calibration, to free developer tools—OptiTrack offers highly usable, intelligent tools that save valuable time on shoot day.

Global positional accuracy with zero drift

Track numerous actors and props simultaneously with globally accurate data, for a simple post-processing workflow and natural interactions between your performers.

Invisible 850nm IR illumination

In addition to being an ideal frequency for film sets and other tracking environments that require invisible illumination, infrared LEDs offer faster discharge for quick exposures—perfect for capturing very fast motions.  And because OptiTrack cameras are optimized for IR tracking from the sensor up, they're not subject to the 50% range penalty that infrared strobes traditionally incur.