ExiProgen™ His-tagged Protein Purification Kit uses ExiProgen™ to isolate His-tagged target recombinant proteins from E. coli lysate solution or cell-free protein expression samples with high-purity. With the use of Ni-NTA magnetic beads and buffers from pre-filled buffer cartridge essential for purification, up to 16 samples can be produced simultaneously.

MagListo™ His-tagged Protein Purification Kit allows easy purification of His-tagged proteins through magnetic separation by Ni-NTA Magnetic Nanobeads and buffers. With an average diameter of 400 nm, the beads have large surface areas with excellent binding capacity and can be recovered quickly without any loss through their strong magnetic force. These characteristics can quickly reduce the experimental time and the increase the yield. About 3~4 mg of 6x His-tagged proteins can be bound on to about 1 ml of Magnetic Nanobeads. 

Magnetic beads are used as materials for cell experiments, DNA purification and disease observation, and can also be used as materials for direct treatment. This AccuNanoBead™ have the advantages of high Binding Capacity due to their relatively large surface area because they are nano-sized.

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