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OptiTrack for Robotics

OptiTrack real time tracking systems are the world’s choice for low latency, precision 6DoF tracking for ground and aerial robotics (UAV’s). We produce the most precise and easy to use indoor and outdoor positioning systems for input into all the major control systems.

Exceptional 3D precision and accuracy

OptiTrack systems, coupled with our new Micron Series calibration tools, produce the most precise 3D data available today—capable of sub-20 µm accuracy in optimal conditions.

Perfectly optimized 3D accuracy is at the heart of our robotics tracking systems. OptiTrack’s drone and ground robot tracking systems consistently produce positional error less than 0.3mm and rotational error less than 0.05°.  It varies mildly on the capture environment, but it is often even better than those figures.


High-speed,low-latency tracking

From high-speed cameras featuring image-stopping global shutters and fast-discharge LEDs to a pipeline that processes data from photon to rigid body solve, OptiTrack has been engineered for speed.