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The latest in eye tracking technology for VR

Tobii Eye Tracking opens the door to better performance and better user experiences in the new professional-grade VIVE headset by enabling:

  • More efficient GPU power allocation with foveated rendering

  • Natural and intuitive interactions that simplify aiming, pointing, and selection with handheld controllers

  • Richer social interactions with avatars that can mimic the user’s eye movements

  • Enhanced understanding of user behavior with unique analytical insights made possible with eye tracking data


Eye Tracking Makes All the Difference

Combining precision eye tracking with world-class graphics, high-end audio, and optimized ergonomics, VIVE Pro Eye is ushering in the next generation of virtual reality.

The ability to capture deeper analytics, maximize processing power, and enhance input and navigation is a game-changer for users and enterprises everywhere.

The VIVE Pro Eye goes beyond its world-class graphics and high-end audio to enable a new set of user experiences and insights made possible by understanding where the user is focusing their attention.

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