Just Be...Practical

September 15, 2016

We are in challenging times when it comes to tertiary education around South Africa with drastic changes happening and  the shortfall of funds headlining the news. Where is scientific teaching and practical courses going? Are we looking to expose students to practicals on YouTube of what it is like to do a PCR or maybe just a demonstration of core scientific principles that can really only be learnt by exposing students to hands on practical work? Its not ideal but let's face it; with the situation th tertiary institutions are facing they won't have a choice but to make serious cuts to practical classes for science degrees or find alternative solutions. 


If this desperate move is ever implemented to keep budgets in check to keep things moving at our great institutions, it won't just damage the quality of our education but will also stifle scientific and innovation in

South Africa. 




Axiology Labs has first hand experience in assisting institutions to try and give students the highest quality education whilst staying within a reasonable budget. So after looking at all the challenges, we launched the Just Be.. brand of scientific instruments and consumables. Not only does our own equipment come at a price bracket well below major brands, we also provide superior quality.


Undergraduate Labs are designed for teaching and the Axiology Labs vision of being part of and inspire the African continent in becoming a leader in Scientific Research and Education makes us passionate in finding ways to develop these labs.


By offering a 2 Year Quality Warrantee we stand by that quality and that makes the Just Be... brand not only economical it makes it a no brainer.


In order to give the best quality and ensure we service all to the highest of standards we have rolled out the following limited  lines of equipment and consumables. But we will be launching more new and innovative products soon





















For more information on these and other products to keep our practicals please contact us.