Where is undergraduate Medical teaching going?

September 27, 2016

General human physiology teachers have

 embraced biofeedback and recording human signals for decades as a crucial teaching tool to their undergraduate students. Medical schools have also seen the value of exposing students to real time recording and analysis of ECG, EMG, Spirometry and various other signals.


By using clinical instruments to demonstrate or teach to students students get to learn how to use the instruments or the interface they will be exposed to in practice. However the clinical experience and science behind the recordings get lost when students don't  get to experience  fundamental science behind the recordings.


Students for instance understand from theory and by looking at a clinical blood pressure monitor what systolic and diastolic blood measure are. But the true understanding of how this is measured and what the indicators like Korotkoff sounds are get lost in a great deal of classes. This is mainly due to new digital technology and also the traditional way of just listening to the sounds and not truly understanding where they fit in the physiological sphere.


When students do real time recordings and is able to see their own recording displayed on a screen with the particular heart sounds the picture becomes much clearer and a greater understanding is developed. As per image below supplied by Biopac Systems inc

one can clearly see the link while the student is taking blood pressure the traditional way by listening at the heart sounds on a stethoscope. 


Ch 1 Indicates inflation and deflation of cuff in mmHg Ch 2 indicates appearance and cessation of Korotkoff sounds


There are a great deal of experiments similar to this, which forms part of the Biopac BSL systems and the freedom of use in creating your own experiments make the system the ideal Medical Physiology teaching solution.


Biopac systems are used by 98% of the worlds top Universities and interest is growing rapidly in Africa, 


For more information and details about a workshop near you or if you want to arrange workshop please go to the following page and book your slot 





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